Liebert GXT MT 1-3/6/10 KVA

Liebert GXT-MT features a comprehensive specification, satisfies safety criteria and electromagnetic compatibility standards, and offers intelligent monitoring and network management functions.

Liebert GXT-MT satisfies your requirements for high reliability and high availability of the AC power supply.

Liebert GXT-MT is available in a compact Tower configuration making it easily deployed in an office or a light industrial application.

Liebert GXT-MT Long-run model (L) deploys adaptive battery architecture to maximize your valuable rack space utilization. Application specific battery configuration and placement ensures optimal performance.

Some other salient Features of the Liebert GXT MT 1-3/6/10 KVA :

  Extended Runtime Capabilities
  Flexible (Site Specific) Battery Configuration
  Compact Tower Design
  Generator Compatible
  Class B Electromagnetic interference (EMC) compatible
  Ultra wide input voltage range
  High capacity Battery Charger for GXTL
  High Input Power factor & low THDi



Super 400D
10, 20kVA
Series 7400M
30-60 kVA - low noise
Liebert GXT-MT
High reliability
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