The Powerbank Series System is a True on-line UPS System with state-of-the-art IGBT based system. With a Rugged Robust design to provide fit-and-forget reliability and with a capacity of 6 kVA, this one is a workhorse!

The Powerbank features total isolation of the load from the mains – isolating input and output sections which is ideal for VSAT applications. Configurable in hot standby configuration - Ideal product for critical applications(banks etc).

Wide input voltage ( 165V-265V ) – Ideal for Indian Power conditions.

Some other salient Features of the Powerbank :

True On Line IGBT based Systems.
Cold Start on full load facility. Even under black out conditions the     Powerbank can be switched on.
1+1 Hot Standby Configuration.
Battery Charging Current Selector.
Generator Capability.
Static Bypass with Zero Transfer.
Multilink Auto Shutdown Software.

Input over voltage cutoff devices – Provides complete protection to system during high input voltage conditions.
Backup upto 4 hours possible
Excellent overload features 150% FL for 5 seconds
Output short circuit protection – Protects system from output faults at the  load end.
Battery charging current selection – optimizes battery charging which improves life of batteries.



Super 400D
10, 20kVA
Series 7400M
30-60 kVA - low noise
Liebert GXT-MT
High reliability
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