Series 7400M

The Series 7400M is a Compact 3 phase UPS system with Optimum load performance and Battery Management System. The Series 7400M is ideally suitable for critical systems such as Digital Drives & Automation, Distributed Digital Process Control System, Programmable Logic Controllers, Critical Motor Loads, Medical Diagnostics, Computers and Telecommunications.

Clean, continuous power is essential for critical equipment and telecommunications. But high Standards of power cannot be guaranteed from mains. The Series 7400M UPS offers IGBT technology along with PWM (Pulse Width Modification) ensuring the electrical supply to be reliable and free of unwanted disturbances.

With three models offering power ranges from 30-60 kVA , the 7400M operated at very low noise levels (less than 56 dB )

Some other salient Features of the Series 7400M :

30, 40 and 60 kVA models
High efficiency performance
High reliability to maximize system availability
Handles 3:1 crest factor loads without de-rating
Fully compatible with non-linear and unbalanced loads
Microprocessor controlled temperature compensated battery charging    system maximizes battery life
Programmable battery testing
LCD display for continuous monitoring.
Real-time battery status
Integral maintenance bypass.
Low acoustic noise levels (< 60 db).
Compatible with IBM AS/400 Computer systems


Super 400D
10, 20kVA
Series 7400M
30-60 kVA - low noise
Liebert GXT-MT
High reliability
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